5 Breakfast Bowl Recipes with Collagen to Start Your Day Off Right

Do you wake up with a mission to check off as many things on your to-do list as possible? Get the kids ready for school. Check. Walk the dogs. Check. Prepare for that important meeting at work. Check. With the daily list of chores growing longer and the hours of the day remaining the same, it's easy to put your own needs, such as eating a well-balanced breakfast, on the back burner. A study by Ohio State University found that 15.2% of adults skip breakfast. If you are one of those people who occasionally skip breakfast, we get it - mornings can be tough, especially if you have, what seems like, a never-ending list of things to do. 

However, just because you may not immediately notice the effects of skipping breakfast doesn't mean you should continue to do it. There are many benefits to your physical and mental health if you carve time out to eat a healthy breakfast.

The great news is that a nutritional breakfast can be easily prepared or pre-prepared, so you don't feel like you've wasted time in the mornings. We'll cover the advantages of eating breakfast, and more specifically, the advantages of including collagen in your breakfast routine, and reveal five easy and tasty collagen breakfast bowl recipes!

Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day? 

We've all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and maybe it's time we listened. When you eat breakfast, you're literally breaking a fast because the period between your last dinner and breakfast is generally the longest time your body hasn't eaten anything. Having a meal within the first two hours of waking up replenishes your blood sugar levels, which boosts your energy for the rest of the day. If you skip your first meal or put it off for longer than necessary, not only is your body running on empty, but so is your brain. So, all those tasks on your to-do list ironically become harder to accomplish because you didn't set aside time to fuel your brain and body in the morning. 

Why is Collagen an Essential Part of Your Diet? 

Collagen is often associated with a cream or gel to apply to your face to support healthy aging. We've already established that there are enough things to do on your plate, so instead of adding collagen to your daily skincare routine, why not add it to your breakfast routine and kill two birds with one stone?  
So, what exactly is collagen? It's a combination of essential amino acids that constitutes 70% of your connective tissues, such as your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and organs. Moreover, 30% of the protein found in your body is collagen-based and does wonders for your skin, hair, nails, and joints.* 
After you turn 25, your body naturally begins to produce less collagen and will continue to produce less due to aging, increased exposure to the sun, or lack of sleep. While we can't stay young forever, we can incorporate collagen peptides into our diets to promote healthy aging.* 

5 Easy and Delicious Collagen Breakfast Bowl Recipes 

We hope you're as excited about collagen breakfast bowls as we are. To get you started on your new morning breakfast routine, we're sharing five of our favorite collagen breakfast bowl recipes. Click on each breakfast option to find the full recipe. 

Tropical Smoothie Bowl 
Who doesn't love a good smoothie bowl? This perfect blend of collagen peptides, bananas, pineapples, mangos, and orange juice is simple, fast, and full of antioxidants! Who said that healthy food can't also be tasty? 
 Tropical Smoothie Bowl with Great Lakes Wellness Collagen
Antioxidant Bowl
This delicious bowl is completely loaded with superfoods! Antioxidant rich berries, potassium packed bananas, and our collagen peptides that support healthy hair, skin and nails. Nutritious and delicious!

Antioxidant Bowl with Great Lakes Wellness Collagen 
Sprouted Oats Power Bowl
Put some power in your oatmeal with Great Lakes Wellness collagen peptides! These warm and cozy oats are delicious with a variety of toppings and have all the fiber and collagen you need to get you through those cold winter mornings.

 Sprouted Oats Power Bowl with Great Lakes Wellness Collagen
Peanut Butter Berry Acai Bowl 
If you couldn't already tell, we love our breakfast smoothies to be healthy and easy. This açaí bowl only requires 5-10 minutes of your time, so you can easily make this in the morning and even eat it on the go. 

Peanut Butter Berry Acai Bowl with Great Lakes Collagen 
Chocolate Chip Mint Smoothie Bowl 
Dessert for breakfast, anyone? Not only is this recipe delicious, but it's got a surprising ingredient that even your kids won't notice they're eating something healthy. Check out the recipe to see what it is! 

Chocolate Mint Chip Smoothie Bowl

Breakfast Bowl Options are Endless!

Great Lakes Wellness offers a variety of collagen peptide flavors--including chocolate, vanilla, chai, mixed berry, and lemon-lime--so you can get creative with endless combinations of flavors and ingredients in your breakfast bowls.

Simply blend or add your favorite collagen to yogurt, oatmeal and more, then top it with your favorite fruits, chia seeds, granola and other healthy ingredients for a fantastic breakfast combination that the entire family can enjoy. Plus, one bowl means less time spent doing the dishes. Bonus!

With so many benefits of eating breakfast infused with Great Lakes Wellness Collagen Peptides, we hope you give it a try. Do yourself a favor and prioritize your healthy eating habits, so that you can approach the rest of your days with support. 

Breakfast Bowls with Great Lakes Wellness Collagen

Tip: While fruits and fruit juices can be healthy, you don't want to overdo it as the natural sugars add up! 

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