The Complete Guide to Loving Yourself at Every Age

Learning to love yourself a bit more every day is a journey that comes with the adventure of aging. We look fondly on the past -- flaws and all -- and set our sights to the future. After all, there's a lot to look forward to and even more to celebrate about ourselves each moment.
At Great Lakes Wellness, we're excited to be a part of your journey. We embrace living in the moment and prioritize health and wellness. When we nurture our natural beauty at every age, we thrive with positivity and radiance. It's time to stop being "anti" anything, including aging!
Love yourself at every age with these tips for lifelong self-care. 
Time with Friends

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Lifting others up is a fantastic quality, but don't forget to include yourself on the hype train. Learning to celebrate and acknowledge your accomplishments is a fine-tuned skill that matures over time. As we age, we learn to replace words like "conceited" with "confident" and "modest" with "powerful." We are amazing forces of change and growth in the world -- and that's something to be celebrated! 

Give yourself all the kudos you deserve by:  

  • Taking time for yourself
  • Journaling your progress 
  • Celebrating the small steps along with the big
  • Setting time for reflection
  • Showing yourself kindness and compassion
Remember; celebrating your achievements is not simply an indulgence. You deserve it! Taking the time to recognize your achievements allows you the chance to pinpoint what worked so that you can repeat it in the future. 

Focus on What You Have Done, Look Forward to What's Next

Most of us have envisioned a carefully planned timeline of how our lives "should" play out. "By the time I'm 40, I will...". You know the drill. If you're stressing about the things you think you "should" have accomplished but haven't quite gotten there yet, or your life took a different path than expected, it's time to embrace the fluidity of living in the now by reframing your thinking.
Instead of worrying about all the things you haven't yet ticked off your list, take note of all that you have done. We bet it's a lot more than you give yourself credit for. As you take a look back on what you have accomplished, acknowledging both the big and the small milestones is a great exercise. Reflecting on our own "time capsule" is a great way to appreciate the life stage you're at while looking forward to the future.

Give Up Comparisons

Comparison is truly the thief of joy. Not only are comparisons unfair to ourselves, but measuring our worth by those around us is equally harmful to our peers. Comparisons rob of us of seeing ourselves, friends and family as whole individuals with flaws and needs. Refocus on measuring progress by your own standard of personal growth instead.
 Self Reflection

Practice the Art of Forgiveness

Letting go of negative emotions and thoughts can be immensely healing. The process of forgiving others for grievances may be uncomfortable, but it's freeing and so worth it in the end. 

It's important to remember that the art of forgiveness extends to ourselves, too! Learn to accept your past blunders for what they are -- an opportunity for growth. Forgive yourself for any regrets you may have. There's no need to hold onto things from the past that weigh down your present. Some find it helpful to revisit any past regrets in a structured environment. Give yourself a few minutes to consider the event, tell yourself all is forgiven, put it in a mental box, and promise yourself you'll begin to do better by moving on.
Each day is one more step in the right direction. If you find your mind returning to the event, consider incorporating mindful practices like guided meditations into your daily routine. These daily wellness habits not only distract racing thoughts, but reduce tension and anxiety while centering us on the now. 

Embrace Wellness, Nourish Your Mind & Body

Prioritizing wellness is the best way to love yourself at every age. We have to nourish to flourish! Own your beauty by nourishing your body to look and feel its best. Ensure your inner dialogue speaks in a loving way, just as you would speak to a child or a grandparent. Spend time in nature breathing in fresh air. Laugh with those around you...after all, a few laugh lines never hurt anyone! Eat healthy foods and indulge on occasion. Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water. You'll surely notice a difference inside and out.
For an extra boost, add some of our collagen powder to your daily routine. Great Lake's collagen dissolves quickly in water, coffee, and even your favorite soups or oatmeal. It's a simple self-care step to support your skin, joints, hair, nails, and digestion and can add to the confidence you feel when you look in the mirror.

Give your reflection a little reminder that you are worthy of all the great things life has to offer at every age and the best days are yet to come!
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