This Holiday Season, Gift Yourself Some “Me Time"

Ahh, the holidays are here, and for some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but for others, it can also be the most stressful time of the year. Whether or not you are hosting or attending holiday parties, you know how busy it can get — especially if you’re also trying to fit in some time for shopping, baking, decorating, and wrapping gifts. 

This holiday season, try not to forget about yourself! Give yourself the gift of some quality ME time to help you relax and’s been a long year, and you deserve it! 

So what exactly is “ME time,” you ask? That’s the great thing about it — you get to decide! There is no right or wrong way to take some time for yourself. In fact, what some may find as quality time spent alone, others may not (and vice versa.)

young woman relaxing at home


Reasons Why Me Time is Important 

Listen, life can be very demanding, and perhaps you have never taken some time for yourself because there just isn’t enough time in the day. Well, we have a life-changing solution for you...pencil yourself in. Seriously! If you use a calendar or planner for every little thing that you do, then include “me time” while you are budgeting your time.

If you still need further convincing, here are a few reasons why:

It helps you to recharge
As we mentioned, life can be hectic, and if you are constantly on the go, you aren’t ever fully recharged. If you need a metaphor, think of yourself as a cell phone that only ever has 60% battery. You still have power to get you through the day but starting your day at 60% isn’t quite as effective or productive as starting your day at 100%. Recharging will not only help your body but your mind as well.

It’s good for you and your family
If you are constantly overwhelmed and overworked, you are not being your best self for the people in your household. If you are constantly stressed, your family may pick up on that and it may even cause them to feel some stress. This is why it’s important to care not only for your family but also for yourself. 

Can help improve focus and productivity
Do you ever find yourself feeling foggy? Like, you know that you crossed things off your to-do list, but you can’t actually remember certain parts of your day? Or maybe you have so many tasks that it’s challenging to focus on any one of them. This feeling of brain fog can be a result of stress. Scheduling an hour or so to unplug, relax, destress might help improve focus and productivity because you are letting your mind recharge. 

It can help with your diet
If you don’t have a lot of downtime, it can be hard to focus on things like hydrating or getting in all your fruits and veggies for the day. Taking some “me time” might help you reevaluate things like your diet or the supplements you use. Make a plan to drink more water or to incorporate healthier foods into your diet. If you want to up your supplement game, try our new collection of collagen peptides. Want to improve digestion? Try our Daily Digestion Collagen Peptides. The new line also includes collagen peptides that focus on Daily Beauty and Daily Joint health. Incorporating any one of these products to your morning routine can help you feel better about yourself and the supplements you use.  

You might discover new things about yourself
The path to self-discovery is a life-long journey, but taking some time to really focus on things you love to do can be very beneficial to your overall well being. Maybe it’s been a few years since you did your favorite hobby, or perhaps you would like to discover a new hobby...either way, it’s essential to do things that make you feel good. 

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Some “Me Time” Ideas

As we said before, “me time” will be different for everyone, but if you need some ideas to get you started, we've got you covered! 

  • Take a walk and listen to your favorite podcast
  • Finish reading that book you started on your last vacation
  • Take yourself to dinner at your favorite restaurant 
  • See a movie and indulge 
  • Try baking or cooking a new dish (bonus points for cooking with Gelatin or Collagen. (You’d be surprised at how many recipes you can make with the two)
  • Unwind with a warm bath and a glass of your favorite wine
  • Rewatch your favorite rom-com
  • Go to a yoga class or a meditation class
  • Go on a hike and take in the beauty around you

When it comes to “me time,” you can choose to go as big or small as you’d like… the important thing is that you just do it. If you start to feel the stress of the holidays, then remember to take a deep breath and schedule some time for yourself to feel recharged, renewed, and revitalized!

Happy Holidays, all! 

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