New Look, Same Amazing Dissolvability!

Hey there! Have you seen our new look? We're super excited about it, and we think you will be too. There's a compelling reason why so many people turn to Great Lakes Wellness for their collagen and gelatin products: nearly 100 years of expertise. Since 1922, we’ve been perfecting our gelatin products. And in 2009, we introduced the first cold-water soluble collagen hydrolysate, also known as collagen peptides. This innovation resulted in the first taste-free, single-ingredient collagen that can be seamlessly mixed into any beverage. 

While many have accepted the unpleasant experience of taking collagen, we’ve revolutionized it with our tasteless and textureless collagen powder. By eliminating the biggest barrier to daily collagen intake, we’ve made it a non-event—effortlessly integrating it into your health routine for simply beautiful results. 

We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions 

Why did you change your scoop/serving size? 

You asked, we listened! Recognizing the numerous advantages of incorporating collagen into your daily routine, we diligently responded to your request for more collagen per scoop. We’ve upped our collagen offering from 12g to 20g for your easy wellness boost. We're excited, and we hope you are too! (Bovine only, excludes stick packs.) 

Servings in a tub: 

You might notice that with the increase in collagen per serving, the number of servings per tub has changed. You can always refer to the Supplement Facts Table on the back of your tub for all the details. 

Is more collagen more effective? 

How much collagen you need is very individual and depends largely on the amount of protein you consume in a day and your specific needs. We wanted to offer 20g of collagen per scoop because that is what consumers have been asking for. If you have questions about how much collagen you should be taking, we recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner. 

Do I need to use more liquid since it’s more collagen? 

As our collagen is still the same great quick dissolve that you know and love, the amount of liquid is totally up to you. You can add two scoops into a regular cup of coffee in the morning or into your smoothie. You’ll get all the great benefits of the added collagen, and you won’t even notice it’s there! 

Why did we change the tub? 

We wanted to optimize our packaging and improve the recyclability of the final product. While the previous tin was made of high-quality components with recycled content, such as post-consumer recycled fibers and aluminum, the final composite packaging was not readily recyclable in most curbside blue bin schemes. As such, we transitioned to a new 100% HDPE tub that can be easily recycled as it is white in color (the easiest plastic color to recycle), and HDPE plastics have the highest recycling rate and value. This maximizes the recyclability of the packaging and keeps more out of landfills. 

Thanks for being a part of our journey. Here’s to a healthier, more beautiful you with Great Lakes Wellness! 

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