Nailed It! Collagen and Nail Health

What's the first thing you notice when looking at someone's hands? If you said nails, you're not alone! 

Nails can reveal so much about a person — from a pop of color or fun nail art, to signs of tending to a veggie-filled home garden, every hand has a story. If you ask people with healthy, beautiful nails what their secrets are, some may say weekly manicures, others may say genetics, and others will praise the use of supplements that are designed to help strengthen nails.

Luckily, we've turned all of these secrets and tips into actual notes to share with all of you! Let’s get right into it!

Women's nails

More About Fingernails

Before we get into tips and tricks for healthy nails, we couldn't resist sharing some fun facts about nails with you! One of the coolest things we learned about nail health is that our nails grow about 3-4 millimeters a month! It makes sense, but how cool is it that the rate of growth has actually been studied and measured?! 

Another interesting tidbit of info is the fact that men’s nails tend to grow slightly faster than females! 

Nail Health

Alright, so let’s discuss some of the tips that have been proven to improve nail health:

So Fresh and So Clean (and Dry): Washing your hands regularly is a healthy habit to have, no matter what. When you have clean hands, you prevent bacteria that can grow under the fingernails — the same bacteria that may cause your nails to be yellow or prone to infection.

Woman applying lotion to her hands
Moisture and more Moisture!: Moisturizing your hands is essential to nail health. And we are not just talking lotion on your hands. Oil those cuticles too! If you need an additional reason to moisturize, remember that hands tend to age less when they are adequately treated! 

SPF: When it comes to hands and nails, many people don’t realize the impact that sunscreen can have. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen can help protect your hands and nails but also protect against harmful UV rays.

Stay Hydrated: It may seem simple enough, but staying hydrated is critical for overall health, and this includes nail health! Drinking enough water and staying hydrated can help your nails retain moisture, resulting in healthier-looking nails!

Healthy foods
Eat more biotin-rich foods: Sure, you can find a biotin supplement which may be helpful, but one of the best ways to ensure you are getting biotin is by eating more nuts, eggs, and vegetables. 
Short and Sweet: When it comes to nail health, try to maintain a shorter nail as opposed to the long, fake nails. This can help minimize brittle and weak nails. 

Opt for acetone-free nail polish remover: If you’ve ever used “regular” nail polish remover with acetone, then you know how harsh it can be —stripping and over drying. Even the most seasoned users of nail polish removers try to avoid acetone because it can potentially strip your nail of its natural oils and moisture — things that are naturally working to strengthen your fingernails!

Daily Beauty Collagen Peptides
Daily Beauty Collagen Peptides: Ah, a delicious powdered supplement with benefits that go beyond just healthy nails. But let’s talk about the role that collagen peptides can play in nail health. Collagen production naturally occurs in the human body, but collagen production decreases and can result in weak or brittle nails as we age. But did you know that with regular use of our New Daily Beauty Collagen Peptides, you may be able to see a noticeable difference when it comes to your nail health? Studies have shown that taking a collagen supplement can result in stronger, healthier-looking nails. Incorporating a supplement like our Daily Beauty Collagen Peptides into your daily routine can be as simple as mixing it in your morning smoothie or just adding to water. 


Hopefully, this guide “nailed it,” but remember that there are several ways to improve nail health naturally. If you are willing to incorporate some changes and even supplements like New Daily Beauty Collagen Peptides, you can support your nail health for longer, healthier, more beautiful-looking nails. 

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