Keto coffee, please...hold the butter.

If you are reading this then chances are you already know all about the benefits of incorporating collagen peptides into your morning routine. In the last blog, we briefly mentioned adding a scoop of collagen into your morning beverage but I wanted to focus on the benefits of adding our Vanilla KETO Collagen + MCT with Acacia Fiber formula into your morning cup o’ Joe. By this point, you have definitely heard about The Ketogenic Diet, right? I mean, it seems as if keto products are popping up everywhere and it’s hard to really find a quality keto supplement from a brand you can trust. So that is why we created our latest formula to fit your ketogenic needs! The KETO Collagen + MCT formula provides the same collagen benefits as our non-keto formulas but contains other quality ingredients, like MCT’s and Acacia fiber, to help you maintain your body’s state of ketosis. By incorporating this particular protein into your daily routine, you can also promote skin elasticity and help your body’s natural production of collagen proteins and amino acids. 

Okay, so enough with the science-y part of why you should add collagen into your coffee, let's get into the more delicious reasons. Here at Great Lakes Gelatin, we have so many flavors for you to choose from for all of your collagen needs - we even have an unflavored powder for those who prefer unflavored black coffee - BUT did you know that you can actually replace traditional cream and sugar with our Vanilla KETO Collagen-peptide + MCT formula? It honestly tastes BETTER than traditional cream and sugar and guess what else? If you are sensitive to dairy, then this is the cream substitution that you’ve been looking for! So to be clear, this is not an actual coffee creamer but can serve as an alternative with all of the added benefits of collagen peptides and MCT’s...without having to add butter or a separate MCT oil to your coffee (yes, that was a real internet craze when keto regained popularity). This formula has everything you need to start your day off right...everything except the carbs! 

My favorite collagen coffee combination is cold brew or iced coffee with a scoop of our Vanilla KETO Collagen Hydrolysate + MCT. Like I’ve mentioned before, this can also be served with hot coffee and you can have the same benefits! A fun little mixing hack that i’ve discovered is to actually stir it into hot coffee and then serve over ice. But hey, it’s your morning routine, try a few different methods and then do what’s best for you! Isn’t it great that you can do something amazing for your body by simply adding a scoop of collagen to your coffee? If only all of our health options were this easy, amiright? 

Not on Keto? No worries, we also have delicious non-keto options that are specifically formulated to simply provide or supplement your daily intake of collagen. Regardless if you are on keto or not, we’ve discussed the importance of supplementing your diet with collagen. So yes, you can still spruce up your morning coffee with our original Collagen Hydrolysate which comes in a variety of flavors and can also be used to replace traditional cream and sugar! 

What’s so great about our Collagen Hydrolysate and KETO Collagen + MCT formulas is the versatility of the products. So get creative with your coffee recipes and hey, if you’re feeling like treating yourself, add some whipped cream on your coffee! You deserve it! 

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