How to incorporate collagen into breakfast

New year, new morning routine! Having a solid morning routine can be so beneficial and really set the tone for the rest of the day. But it can be hard to stick to an AM ritual, especially when the first thing most of us want to do is reach for our smartphone and scroll endlessly before we even get out of bed. So why not start your day by modifying something you already do? Spruce up your morning beverage with a scoop of Collagen Hydrolysate or use your collagen powder, depending on the flavor, in a variety of ways when you incorporate it into baking or meal prepping your breakfast for the week.

By simply adding collagen peptides into your coffee, tea, or waffles & muffins (recipes below) you can feel confident knowing that you are already making improvements to your day…all before 9am!

 *pats self on back* 

As somebody who is constantly on the go, I tend to choose the convenience of simply adding the powder into my morning cup of tea - side note: adding a scoop of our Chai flavored Collagen is such a game changer. I usually add one scoop to my Earl Grey and then shake and serve over ice - I prefer iced morning drinks…don’t judge me! But if you are more of a traditional hot coffee drinker, it tastes just as delicious served hot. 

Let’s take your morning routine a bit further and maybe you would rather incorporate your collagen into something with a little more substance… Protein Waffles, anyone? Chai muffins with collagen peptides? YES PLEASE! Now this option does require that you bake with the collagen so preparation and planning is key but I promise it’s worth it and best of all, you can bake or prep these bad boys on Sunday and have them throughout the week!

Another great recipe which is literally one of the best collagen filled protein treats that anyone could ask for would be another recipe from GLG: Chai Crumb muffins. I’m not joking when I tell you that these are better than any breakfast pastry that you would likely be overcharged for anywhere else. Best of all? If you follow our recipe (below) these magnificent collagen muffins are also gluten-free, paleo, and free from refined sugars. You can also modify the recipe and add nuts or berries to your liking. 

So there ya have it! Three easy and delicious ways to incorporate collagen peptides into your breakfast. Regular use of Collagen Hydrolysate can help with joint and bone health as well as providing anti-aging benefits and let’s be real here, who doesn’t want that? So let’s grab our collagen infused beverages and cheers to the rest of the year with a New Years resolution we can actually stick to! 

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