Give Aging The Bird: A Positive Conversation about Healthy Aging

From a young age, people are bombarded with messages that aging is something to fight or fear. Why is this? Why has “anti-aging” become the norm? Aging is simply the passage of time. We all do it. After all, aging is living!

As a brand with a 100-year heritage, Great Lakes Wellness knows firsthand that there are a lot of positives that come with age. The bird in our logo represents the freedom to live your life on your terms, and is a reminder to change your perspective—to take a “bird’s eye view." A recent survey about American Views on Healthy Aging revealed that three-fourths (75%) of respondents want to spend less time fighting aging and more time doing things they love. The same percentage agree that age is not something to fight or fear, but rather an opportunity to live a more fulfilling, and emotionally and physically healthy life. 

That's why we're flipping the script on negative attitudes towards aging. We hope to help free people from worrying so much about getting older so they can spend their time enjoying the journey of healthy aging and all the advantages that come with it.

How? By giving aging the #notTHATbird!

Give Aging The Bird: Great Lakes Wellness Collagen

Give Aging the Bird means casting off negative attitudes towards aging and embracing your own aging journey.   

Join us in spreading positive attitudes towards aging by sharing your own experiences, successes, wisdom, and stories about healthy aging.

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