Chocolate Truffles

These chocolate truffles are made with just 2 base ingredients, and taste like pure chocolate lusciousness! Watch the recipe video and spare 10 minutes for this divine chocolate truffles recipe!

Imagine Caramel Flavored Collagen, or Honey Cinnamon?  12 grams of Collagen Peptides per serving, and sweetened with stevia!  They taste phenomenal, dissolve right away in any liquid (cold or hot) and are super versatile.

I’ve been adding them to my coffee everyday and even love the plain Collagen.

Today, I used them to flavor my chocolate truffles! SO Dreamy!


Chocolate Truffle

What is a Chocolate Truffle?

A chocolate truffle recipe is absolutely divine. It’s probably one of the oldest classic French delicacies that can never be replaced. No matter how you watch your calories, you MUST leave room for just one of those chocolate truffles. Just one is all you need!

A truffle is basically a melt in your mouth chocolate and cream mixture that’s usually dusted in cocoa powder. The name truffle comes from their resemblance to the truffle (mushrooms). It’s similar to making a ganache, except it’s a thicker ratio of chocolate to cream. The chocolate truffle is usually prepared, then chilled before rolling and serving.


Chocolate Truffle


Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Imagine velvety smooth melt in your mouth chocolate. A deep chocolate taste with ultra luscious creamy feel. PURE chocolate taste. And now imagine only 2 ingredients, no fussy technique and no baking needed. Seriously can you imagine all of that?!!

To flavor the chocolate truffles, I’ve used my Great Lakes Wellness Collagen, and here’s why:

  • It’s quality collagen and we all need to supplement collagen!
  • They’re naturally sweetened with stevia so they added a subtle sweetness to the truffles.
  • The flavor added to the chocolate truffle is the perfect amount without overwhelming the chocolate taste.
  • Great Lakes Collagen dissolves in seconds so it never affects any recipes or proportions.

Ingredients for Chocolate Truffles


Ingredients for Chocolate Truffles:

You’ll need the chocolate.  It’s the hero ingredient.  Depending on your personal taste here, you can go for entirely dark, milk or semisweet. I used a combo of dark and milk chocolate here. Remember to use quality chocolate as this is the base and you’ll taste it all along!

Cream. Now forget those healthy dates and cocoa powder energy truffles. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they’re just not truffles :) They’re date truffles, which is ok.  The truth is, you will never reach this velvety melt in your mouth texture without cream. And for the record, not much cream is used for this recipe, but its effect on the recipe is HUGE!

And last but not least, the Collagen. Use Great Lakes Wellness for quality Collagen.  Again, this recipe uses three ingredients only so make sure you pick quality ingredients!


How To Make Chocolate Truffles

So let’s get to it, here’s how two ingredients plus collagen are used to their best!  You’ll need to finely chop your quality chocolate bars. Alternatively, you can grate them after chilling in the fridge.

In a pan or another bowl, you’re going to heat up the cream until it simmers. You can do this in the microwave and you can also use the stove. The cream has to be in a boiling state.

Now you’re set to make the truffles. Bring two bowls and use one type of collagen for each bowl, that way you have two different flavored chocolate truffles.

Add the collagen at the bottom of the bowl.  Pour the hot cream over the collagen.

Add in the chocolate chunks and whisk until smooth and the chocolate is completely melted. It will be silky smooth and shiny.

If you feel the mixture isn’t melting completely (sometimes the cream isn’t that hot to begin with). In this case you can microwave the bowl for 20-30 seconds at most, and then continue whisking until it melts.

You can jazz up that caramel flavored chocolate truffles recipe with a dash of coffee. Pour on a tablespoon of hot brewed espresso (or coffee) for a richer chocolate taste, along with a pinch of salt and vanilla if you'd like.

Give your chocolate ganache a final whisk. THAT’S IT !


Chocolate Truffle


All the work is done. This mixture gets covered and chilled for 1.5 hours. Then you’ll take a melon baller or a mini ice cream scoop. You’ll need a cup of hot water to dip in between scoops.

Scoop up balls from the chocolate mixture using the melon baller and place each velvety chocolate ball in either cocoa powder or shredded coconut to coat. You can also use chopped nuts, dried fruits or any coating you like.  I used a bowl of caramel bits too for the caramel flavored truffles. SO GOOD! That crunch texture with the silky smooth truffles is unbeatable.

When all the truffles are done, it’s best to chill them for just 10 mins or so. Or enjoy them right away!  Now, these are the most basic, simple and yet decadent chocolate truffles you’ll ever make!!

Variations on Chocolate Truffles

A long time ago when I used to live in Paris, those were the IT French truffles. Two ingredients, pure chocolate bliss!  I went for a visit recently and I found endless, and I mean endless variations of the truffles!

So many fascinating flavors and that’s why I was so excited to flavor them using Great Lakes Wellness Collagen today.  Other amazing flavors of Collagen can be found on their website here.  Chai, Chocolate and so much more!

These Chocolate Truffles are a great treat for the Holidays, Valentine’s Day, special occasions, entertaining, and require no effort or fuss at all! Enjoy! 


Chocolate Truffles


Chocolate Truffle Tips

  • Use heavy whipping cream (35%) only for this recipe.
  • I’ve used a combination of milk and dark chocolate chunks, feel free to use your favorite only.
  • Best way to flavor the chocolate truffles recipe is using flavored Collagen.
  • I always use Great Lakes Wellness. I love their quality Collagen products. You can get them here.
  • If you’re rushed, use the microwave to heat the cream.
  • Don’t rush the chilling process once the chocolate is mixed with cream. You may place it in the freezer if you’re rushed.
  • If you feel like jazzing things up, make different coatings to the truffles. Try ground nuts, shredded coconut, white chocolate, cranberries (or any dried fruit chopped up), a mixture of nuts and dried fruits, confectioner’s sugar, and many more options!
  • These should be stored in a cool place, like in an airtight container in the fridge.


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