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Thank you for considering Great Lakes Gelatin Company as your supplier of quality collagen and gelatin products.  We are continually pursuing relationships with retail partners who are intensely focused on the customer by delivering quality products and superior service.  What’s best for the customer drives everything we do. Our impeccable record for quality and service is unsurpassed, and we welcome you to experience the GLG difference.   

Selling GLG products is more than just profitable; it’s about becoming a valued member of our team. Our protein supplements are sourced from the highest quality materials resulting in the finest products available.  This focus on quality greatly appeals to the heath conscientious consumers you need visiting your website or store.

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***Due to high interest, we are no longer accepting wholesale or distribution applications for organizations who market/sell on Amazon.com as their only sales channel. Organizations utilizing non-Amazon options are encouraged to apply.***

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"Love the Collagen Endurance Plus

I enjoy drinking this product every day. I love the taste and feel it gives me extra energy. Beyond that, I know the collagen is so beneficial. I plan to continue drinking the Endurance Plus daily!"

Patty B.

"Love Love Love the Apple Cucumber Collagen!

It's wonderful to have a flavored collagen that will be perfect for the hot summer months. The Apple Cucumber Collagen dissolves quickly in a glass of cold water and the taste is perfect. Not too sweet and a very pleasant flavor. I'll definitely be buying more."


"I'm a Fitness Specialist who works in a major hospital and this product keeps me feeling great all day.

I also bike ride and take it with me every ride! It gives me the endurance both mentally and physically to perform at my best. Just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful product. I will be a loyal customer for life!"

Jill J.

"Great Product!

Easily dissolves in my morning coffee with no flavor change. Pure and healthy. I have been using Great Lakes collagen for several years and plan to continue it as part of my healthy lifestyle."


"Use Everyday!

I love my Great Lakes Collagen! It is so easy to add to my coffee in the morning or other snack throughout the day to add a little extra protein to my diet. I am a runner and the collagen is great for my recovery."

Lindsey M.

"Love that you deliver so quickly to and I cannot live without this product!

I've noticed a difference in sleep, overall health, my hair, skin, and nails! Amazing!!!"

Rachelle S.

"So delicious!

I love the mixed berry collagen powder! It’s so delicious! Great way to help me get my water and protein in! Can’t wait to try other flavors too!"


"Great way to get your collagen!!

Love this product and it’s benefits, love how easy it is to mix into my smoothie and how it’s tasteless!! Just what I was looking for in a collagen!!! And believe me; I had tried a couple before I found this one! Definitely recommend!"

Stephanie B.

"A welcome “zhoozh” to my water bottle!

I’m a sucker for citrus, so I’m glad this lemon-lime flavor is a thing! It’s a great bump-up from the unflavored product (which I still use and am a big fan of). I’m always super busy so I generally put my collagen into plain water, so the new flavor gives my “hydration station” fresh life. (I like just a subtle flavor, so I often mix half lemon-lime with half unflavored to make it more to my liking.) Keep on innovating, GLG - thanks!"

Mary Beth R.

"Collagen Endurance Plus!

Tastes great and definitely gives a boost that gets you going on your work out. I have learned to enjoy the benefits of post-workout intake as well. My 21 year old son takes an amino acid energy boost for pre-workout and says Endurance plus not only tastes better but smells more natural than the one he takes! Love it so far!!"

Steve J.

"Great taste in my coffee!

I've only been taking this for a couple of weeks now, it's too soon to reap the benefits that I know will come. I love how it taste in my morning coffee and I do have more energy, I will continue this journey and see where it ends up nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Mary E. M.

Healthy Living Tips

Start your day with a healthy breakfast packed with protein. A high protein breakfast can make you feel full longer.


Eat clean whole foods, lean meats, poultry, and fish. Whole foods can help eliminate gut issues.

Healthy Living Tips

Exercise! Choose something fun and create a workout plan.

Healthy Living Tips

Keep moving. Try to get at least 8,000 steps a day.

Healthy Living Tips

Re-charge! Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Healthy Living Tips

Say Hello to H2O. It’s important to keep your body hydrated.

Healthy Living Tips

Avoid sugary and processed foods.

Healthy Living Tips

Stop eating when you feel full. Use portion control.

Healthy Living Tips

Add a protein to every meal. Protein is your source of energy and building blocks for metabolism.

Healthy Living Tips

Stop eating for weight loss and start eating for health.

Healthy Living Tips

Include positive and supportive friends or mentors in your life.

Healthy Living Tips

Turn off your TV and phone and go for a walk.


Focus on posture while sitting or standing. Good posture can naturally improve breathing and circulation.


Start your day with music. Upbeat or calming music can charge your morning.


Take four mental breaks a day to recharge your brain. Read a book, listen to music or go for a quiet walk.


Stretch every morning. Stretching can increase mobility, circulation and reduce stress.


Plan ahead and shop for your ingredients. Prep and cook all your meals.


Prepare a box of grab and go snacks for the week so you always have something healthy to snack on.


Declutter your home and schedule to refresh yourself.


Purge negativity from yourself and negative.


Let go of guilt. You cannot fix everything and everyone.


Prioritize healthy habits.


Take a few minutes each night before bed to unwind.


Get out and do more outdoor activities. Soak up some natural vitamin D.


Laugh often. Laughter can decrease stress hormones and increase immune cells.


Learn something new. Develop your knowledge base and improve yourself for the better.


Try natural remedies. The less chemicals, the better.


Get out to meet friends. Friends relieve stress, provide comfort and joy and prevent loneliness.