Spring Clean Your Wellness Routine

Spring has sprung and we're all feeling that new burst of energy. It's time to air out the house, put away the extra blankets, and find all those dust bunnies that have made it through the winter. Of course, spring cleaning isn't just for your house, you can also spring-clean your routine.
Winter often puts our routines in a rut. We’re drawn to the coziness of the indoors, sipping our morning coffee in comfy pajamas in our favorite spot on the couch, dreading going out into the cold air. But with the weather warming up, it's time to rethink our daily routines and how our health can achieve that springtime rebound. After all, our senses are already yearning for fresh air and new activities. We might as well use that springtime momentum to improve our health and wellness.

Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet & Makeup Drawer

Ready for renewed wellness? Start with your medicine cabinet and make-up drawer. How many of those “I’m going to use that someday” items are expired or haven't been touched in months, maybe over a year? Toss 'em! 
Get rid of every medication and make-up container that's past its expiration date. Toss the near-empty containers and the stuff you're just never going to use. Then make a list of anything that really needs to be replaced. You’ll have a cleaner cabinet and an easier time finding what you need. Bonus: Get an organizer for your make-up/toiletries drawer. Organized drawers = mental wellness.
Organized Makeup Drawer

Make Fresh Air a Daily Priority

That special energy we feel in the spring is all about fresh air. New life is breathed into the landscape as the trees bud and the grass flourishes all around you. Your lungs crave the fresh air and your skin is ready for a dose of Vitamin D from sunlight. Make it a priority to spend a little time outside every day.
Take your morning cup of coffee or your evening tea on the back porch. Catch a sun-dappled walk under the neighborhood trees after dinner or catch your lunch break outdoors instead of in the break room. Breathe in that fresh air and let the trees and sunshine lift your mood and spirit. You deserve it!

Exhale Your Negativity

While we’re on the topic of breathing, breathe in the good, breathe out the bad and let go of any negative energy you’re holding onto. Deciding what matters and what doesn't matter gives you the freedom and control to be happy and refreshed.

Switch Up your Exercise Routine

If you’re not excited about your exercise routine, maybe it’s time to switch it up! Don’t get stuck in a routine that doesn't inspire or challenge you anymore. Consult with your doctor if needed, then explore ways to freshen up your workouts and feel energized again. Consider increasing the intensity, mixing different workouts in your rotation, or joining a group class that you’ve always wanted to try. Goat yoga?! We’re in! 
If you don't exercise, get started! Take up a daily walk, do squats and stretches during commercial breaks, grab that old hoola-hoop from the garage, or just dance to your favorite jams for 30 minutes a day. A little movement… and a fun playlist… goes a long way towards your physical and mental well-being! 
Hoola Hoop Exercise

Schedule Your Yearly Health Screenings and Family Checkups

Don't forget your medical health and wellness. Even if you feel fine, take yourself and your family for your annual checkups. Make sure to schedule your yearly health screenings based on your personal risk factors and age-based schedule. 
Eye exams, dental cleanings, blood pressure, and cancer screenings, cholesterol checks, and other little check-ups can ensure that your family is not just healthy right now, but you're also prepared for any health challenges that may be on the horizon.

Take Up a New Hobby or Learn a New Skill

Embrace your ability to learn and grow! Taking time to explore your creative side with a new hobby or skill can positively impact your happiness and self-confidence. Explore online classes to help you grow in your career. Learn to make beautiful floral arrangements, paint pictures, or speak a new language. You don’t have to be perfect at something new on the first try. Just get started and have some fun exploring what you can do!
Floral Arrangement Hobby

Reinvent Your Meal Planning & Pantry Supplies

Last but not least, spring clean your pantry. Empty out everything you are never going to eat or haven’t used in a while. Decide what to donate and what to bake into kitchen-sink casseroles. Then rethink your pantry and meal planning. 
Could you incorporate more fresh produce into your diet with smoothies or salads? Have you been craving new flavors that could become new, nutrient-rich recipes? It's easier than you think to take a healthy new look at your meal planning. A trip to the local farmer’s market is a great place to start. Pick up a new fruit or vegetable that you haven’t tried before or stock up on supplements like collagen hydrolysate. 
Collagen Peptides are a great addition to your smoothies or your morning coffee, providing a healthy boost to skin, hair, joints and your immune health.*
Mixed Berry Smoothie
Here at Great Lakes Wellness, we know how exciting springtime can be. Spring cleaning isn't just for your house, you can spring clean your entire routine to improve your health, energy, mood, and overall wellness.

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