Why change the name?

The Great Lakes brand is taking a bold step forward with the change from Great Lakes Gelatin to Great Lakes Wellness. This change represents a fundamental shift from a customer-centric brand focused on products to a customer-centric brand elevating wellness and healthy aging through honest conversation and superior products intended to support consumers on their healthy aging journey.

Why the fresh conversation about healthy aging?

In an environment where “anti-aging” has become the norm, Great Lakes Wellness is championing a unique viewpoint on getting older by embracing all the positives that come with it. From a young age, consumers are bombarded with messages about how and why they should fight the aging process. Great Lakes Wellness is turning this narrative on its head by celebrating the journey of healthy aging and all the advantages that come with maturity, while delivering products that support the nutritional needs we have as --we age.

What does Great Lakes Wellness represent?

The new Great Lakes Wellness brand represents an opportunity for consumers to take a new, refreshing perspective on what wellness and healthy aging can mean for them everyday, freeing them from whatever previously held them back.Whether you’re 35 or 65, aging is living. Great Lakes Wellness is the modern wellness brand freeing you to age on your own terms with high quality nutritional products built for your healthy aging everyday life.

What does the bird mean?

Birds are a symbol of freedom. They also have a unique perspective, their bird’s eye view. Great Lakes Wellness helps you soar with health and wellness products that provide the freedom to age on your own terms and a healthy perspective for your wellness journey.

Can I expect the same great quality and value?

A resounding...YES! You will continue to experience premium quality products at a fair price. Our products are made with only the best ingredients and are formulated to provide results you’ll notice. It’s been true since our predecessor started in 1922, and it’s still true today.

Does the company still sell gelatin?

Absolutely. Great Lakes Wellness will continue to offer premium gelatin products to consumers who are interested in the culinary side of their wellness journey.