At Great Lakes Wellness, we believe that a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, including collagen and gelatin, is the cornerstone to a life well-lived.

We have helped thousands of people see the benefits of supporting joint health, promoting healthy skin, post-workout recovery, supporting strong hair and nails, and numerous other healthy aging and beauty benefits.*

Quality is our focus every day, and we settle for nothing but the best. The product inside each and every container has passed evaluation against our very high quality standards. 

We began as the world premier Gelatin maker.

Our journey began in 1922 as Grayslake Gelatin. From the beginning, our goal was to supply the highest quality gelatin to both the commercial and consumer markets.

In 1988, Grayslake Gelatin became Great Lakes Gelatin® Company as demand for our products continued to grow. Originally used as a functional ingredient in products such as gelatin desserts and vitamin capsules, our pure collagen protein gelatin soon became an important supplement to health conscious people around the globe.

An industry altering discovery!

Hydrolyzed collagen entered the picture allowing anyone to enjoy the benefits of collagen. Because it can be mixed into hot or cold foods, you can mix Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate in your favorite drinks, smoothies, cereals, oatmeal or any other foods that you regularly enjoy. Check out our recipes for great tasting ways to integrate our Collagen Hydrolysate into your everyday diet.

Commitment to quality and product research.

Quality is our focus every day. We test each lot of raw material BEFORE it is accepted into our facilities. Our commitment to stringent quality assurance standards results in gelatin and collagen products of the highest purity and appeal. 

Through constant research and development, Great Lakes Wellness Co. continues to bring the highest quality unflavored gelatin and collagen to the market. Our unflavored products are nearly tasteless and odorless making them the perfect neutral supplement. 

Great Lakes Wellness Co's packaging is all about you and your lifestyle.

Originally available only in 1 pound cans, our collagen is now available in a variety of packages and pre-packs to meet all of your needs. Whether it’s our new Keto Collagen + MCT or our Collagen on the go stick packs, or our 8 lb. Collagen Hydrolysate bag, all of our packages are designed to keep our product fresh and readily available for your best use.

When it comes to service, rest assured that the GLW team is experienced and knowledgeable.

Please do not hesitate to share your questions, concerns, suggestions and successes with us. From everyone at Great Lakes Wellness, we thank you for your patronage and confidence in us and our products. We look forward to helping you achieve and surpass your goals on your way to improved performance and the best of health.